Rules and Instructions for Membership

CWRSL has a commitment to provide conducive reading environment and a homely atmosphere for our worthy members. For your safety and comfort, we request you to observe following CWRSL rules:

a. It is essential to 'CHECK IN' at reception immediately when you enter and must 'CHECK OUT' when you leave the CWRSL.

b. Show your membership card at the entrance/reception or when asked by CWRSL staff for proving your ID.

c. Keep your cell phones switched off when you enter in the Library.

d. Members are expected to be neatly dressed and follow the dress code of  the CWRSL.

e. Ensure 'CHECK IN' at reception before visiting CWRSL Cafe.

f. Do not bring any valuable item in the Library. Bags, extra books, boxes etc should be left at the lockers room outside the Library. CWRSL shall not be responsible for any loss of item left unattended by a member.

g. Smoking, eating, sleeping, group discussions, unnecessary movements, swinging on chair, stretching legs on the tables/chairs, sitting on stairs etc are  not allowed in the library. Smoking is strictly restricted to designated area only.

h. Books drawn from the shelves for study be left on reading table after use, for proper shelving by the staff.

i. Get the personal books stamped at the reception if required by you inside the library, same will be shown at the reception when you check out.

j. Use of Internet facility and Auditorium functions organized by CWRSL are for members only. Family members may be allowed with prior permission of Secretary CWRSL.

k. Use Library material or its facilities with care. Any damage to CWRSL property due to misuse will be recovered from the members as per actual.

l. Monthly subscriptions will be remitted/deposited by 5th of each month. Membership will be suspended if subscriptions are not paid over six months. It will be cancelled, if dues are not cleared with in 12 months. Fresh registration will be required for renewal of membership along with payment of all outstanding dues.

m. For borrowing library books, a borrowing card will be made separately after deposit of Rs 1000/- refundable amount. Reference Books will not be issued.

n. Non members are not allowed inside the Library unless prior permission is obtained from Secretary CWRSL. Their name and address will be entered in visitor's register placed at reception when permitted to visit the library.

o. Members are requested to cooperate in maintaining discipline in the library premises.

p. For the safety of members, only parents and siblings will be allowed to drop/pickup the members from inside the library. All others to contact at security check post for the same.

q. Category 'D' membership will be for individuals only and will be presumed expired if dues are not paid for more than one month. Fresh registration will be required for renewal of membership.

r. Members can use battery operated Laptop and walkman without disturbing other members. However, no recharging facilities and electric extensions will be provided.

s. Membership can be suspended/cancelled in case of any serious violation of CWRSL rules.

t. Membership can be suspended/restored or cancelled on the written request of main member only. No verbal instructions will be accepted.

U. Members are expected to visit CWRSL during Library Timings at their convenience. However, payment of monthly subscription is mandatory irrespective of any visit or otherwise. 

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