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a. Political meetings, marriage parties and connected functions are not allowed in the CWRSL. Rentals for programs in which participants are required to pay some fee/charges etc will be on case-to-case basis.

b. Booking of CWRSL Auditorium/Conference Room/Lawn will be done on approved rates along with 10% non-refundable advance with the application. Balance will be deposited in cash at least one day and through crossed Pay Order/Bank Draft, in favor of Defence Housing Authority Karachi, one week before the function.

c. In case of cancellation of a confirmed booking, 10% advance will be forfeited on account of cancellation charges.

d. Change of date may be permitted before the confirmation of booking and also if the Auditorium/ Conference Room is available on revised date.

e. Part of an hour i.e. more than 15 minutes occupation of the Auditorium/Conference Room beyond the booked timings will be counted as one hour and charged accordingly.

f. Neither eatables/drinks will be allowed inside the Auditorium/ Conference Room nor cooking is permitted within the Library premises.

g. The lawn only in front of the Cafeteria is available on rent as per approved rates for two hours per function along with reservation of Auditorium or Conference Room. Organizers can install max 8x500 watts searchlights and few decoration lights with prior permission. Electricity load more than above will be charged accordingly.

h. Catering/decoration arrangements will be allowed through vendors on the CWRSL panel. List of caterers/decorators can be obtained from the office. Rs.2,000/- per program will be charged if arrangement is desired from any other vendor (except black listed by the CWRSL).

i. Organizer of the function will be responsible for removing all decoration/catering items, shamianas etc immediately after the function is over. A fine of Rs.1,000/- per day will be charged in case of delay.

j. Since the Library is located in the residential area therefore loudspeaker/horn or instruments producing extra ordinary NOISE will not be allowed outside the Auditorium and the function should also culminate by 2345 hours.

k. CWRSL Gate No.3 will be used for all Auditorium/Conference Room functions. No parking inside the Library and in front of CWRSL gates will be permitted except the vehicles of the Chief Guest, handicapped persons and the transport required for loading/unloading of heavy stores.

l. It will be ensured that no damage is caused to any item and property of the CWRSL. In case of damage, the same will be replaced by the organizer.

m. Non-members are not allowed to visit the Library except with prior approval of Secretary CWRSL.

n. If VIP/Senior Govt. or Military Officials are invited, the organizer will coordinate with Secretary CWRSL well in advance for appropriate protocol arrangements and provide format, sequence and invitation card of the function for the information of DHA. Security arrangement of VIPs will be the responsibility of the organizer.

o. The organizer will be responsible for briefing the invited guests/speakers for maintaining the sanctity of CWRSL and should not make any controversial statement on political, religious or any other sensitive issue from this DHA platform.

p. No one is allowed to bring weapons and ammunition except LEAs and the Security Persons of the DHA. Pets are also not allowed inside the CWRSL Complex.

     I have carefully read the above instructions and will follow it accordingly.

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