It is a matter of great privilege and honour for me to be part of the epoch-making DHA Central Library’s (DCL’s) upgradation and modernization process. DCL established by DHA in 1991 as a great service provider and a leading public library of the metropolis is an institution in itself. It provides modern library facilities, state-of-art internet/audio visual facilities and most conducive and stimulating reading and learning environment to its members. The quest for excellence is however perpetual and it was with this vision that DHA decided to further up-grade and modernize the library so that it can keep itself abreast with the contemporary trends and changing requirements in the field. DCL has accordingly undergone a massive development and upgradation in the last six months.

The relentless and dedicated efforts made by the entire team associated with the challenging library uplift project were tremendous and indeed appreciable. I sincerely thank all of them for their great efforts and contributions in developing facilities of international stature in DCL. The support, understanding and commitment of the DCL members during the entire transition / rebuilding process has been monumental and gave us the strength and confidence to take bold initiatives and to complete the project successfully. I am grateful to them and regret the inconvenience caused to them due to inordinate delays in project development. However the sincerity of the purpose remained predominant and kept alive the momentum of the project. DCL by grace of Allah today has transformed into academic, intellectual and cultural centre of excellence.

I wish the DCL members, staff and stake holders best of success, prosperity and progress in all times to come.